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Other People Can't Understand My Child!

How INTELLIGIBLE should your child be at each age? These % are a reflection of how well a stranger would understand them, not a parent or sibling. I know, as a mom, I’ve always been good at “translating” what my kids are saying:). Mamas, do you agree? 🌟

🌟 A child ages 1.5-2 years old: 25-50% intelligible

🌟 A child ages 2-3 years old: 50-75% intelligible

🌟 A child ages 3-4 years old: 75-90% intelligible

🌟 A child age 5 and up: 90-100% intelligible

Almost every toddler and child makes sound errors and substitutions when they are beginning to talk! But, if you are concerned that your child’s intelligibility is low, they might be appropriate for speech therapy.

Please message me if you have any questions or are interested in a free consultation!

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